it´s all about sauce!

Saucetical is a record label that focuses on what is important; investing in the music and talented artists that create it. We believe in creating a collaborative and innovative environment where our artist can thrive and reach their maximum potential.

Our Vision is defined by the word Saucetical. We are saucetical team, with one vision, and one goal. We work together as one collective unit, producing all styles of great house and electronic music! The Saucetical movement evolved through a collaborative decision among artists and administrators that were fed up with greedy records labels to create an organization that encourages creativity, community, and an environment where artists can work on
their music freely.

The vision of our movement began in January 2020 in Sunny California Piece by piece
we put together a team who understands the industry and our role as a management company that has a vested interest in helping our artists grow and advance their careers. We pride ourselves as being a youthful and forward-thinking Label that embraces innovation, for the love of the music. We remain focused on our role as administrators, facilitators, and a support network for our artists... We are an environment where great music, great minds, and great energy meet. Be one with us and come join Saucetical.