La Paz, BCS, Mex.

A few words about the artist.

Sahkil can be described as a dense journey of sound alchemy, sometimes harmonic and sometimes dissonant, emulating from the Goa trance nostalgia to the insane and twisted of the forest or hi-tek.



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    La Paz, BCS, Mex.
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Living for the love of house!

Arturo Salinas has been linked to music all his life; immersing himself into various genres from a very young age, he started exploring the Underground movement and its aesthetics as he grew; spanning from extreme metal to the most irreverent and raw punk.

He has performed in all kinds of bands, playing the drums, bass, guitar and even as a vocalist. It was at a rave party in Los Cabos where he was stunned by the power of Psychedelic trance.

This motivated him to venture into the world of DAWs and after taking a quick Ableton Live course he started experimenting with synthesizers. Attracted by the style of nocturnal Full-on, in 2012 he began a project called Mayan Ritual, resulting in the production of 6, although raw and unpolished, fairly authentic tracks.

In the contemporary psygressive-zenonesque fever, he decides to form a new project with a darker and more progressive sound. This is how Sahkil was born, which means fear in Mayan language; an emotion generally perceived as negative, but common in the nature of many living beings and a prelude to spiritual enlightenment in the human psyche.