Daniel Haver and Mate Galic will hand over the leadership of the Berlin-based tech company on October 1st.

The CEO and CIO of Native Instruments are stepping down from their leadership roles after 20 years.

Daniel Haver (CEO) and Mate Galic (CIO) broke the news last week via a statement on LinkedIn, confirming Constantin Koehncke (CEO) and Robert Linke (CIO) as their replacements. The new leaders will assume their positions on October 1st.

Haver and Galic will remain part of the Berlin-based company, together forming the newly created supervisory board, which will "support the company and its new leadership."

Though the statement refers to an "exceptional" year, citing the pandemic and record-breaking profits, there's no mention of the recent controversy involving accusations of workplace racism, which led to several high-profile artists demanding the company act and be held accountable. In response, Native Instruments issued a statement pledging to overhaul its approach to diversity and inclusion.

Read Haver and Galic's statement in full.

Yesterday, Mate Galic and I shared with our team that on October 1, after more than 20 years leading Native Instruments, we will pass on the baton to the next generation of leaders.

Constantin Koehncke, currently Global Marketing Director and heading up our Los Angeles office, will become the new Chief Executive Officer. Robert Linke, currently Director of Sound Products, will take on the position of Chief Product Officer & President. Making up the new Management Board, both members will step into their new leadership roles as of October 1st, 2020. Mate and I will remain at Native Instruments, supporting the company and its new leadership as Chairman and Deputy Chairman via a newly-formed Supervisory Board.

This year has been exceptional for many reasons. Not only for the global pandemic, which has forced our team to adapt to working and collaborating remotely, but also because this year is on course to be the best in our 24-year history from a financial perspective.

That’s why, in this moment of strength for the company – and as we approach the incredible achievement of 25 years of Native Instruments – we believe it’s time for the next chapter. On this solid foundation, Constantin and Robert will bring fresh energy, continuing to deliver exceptional products. We have no doubt that their many years of leadership in Marketing and Products, as well as countless successful contributions, make them the perfect individuals to lead Native Instruments into the future.

It has truly been a privilege to lead Native Instruments to this point. We’re immensely proud of what we have achieved as a company, as well as personally, and we’re excited and optimistic for the future.

Native Instruments will always be home to Mate and I, and we’re excited to support Constantin and Robert in writing the next chapter.

Thank you,

Daniel and Mate